chapter 2.
paragraph 3.
sentence 1.

life is confusing.

and scary. and strange. consider it the big unknown.

a giant leap into an unfathomable void.

and sometimes it just sucks.

my sister got a dog today! she bought a lil chiuaua mix thing. his name is biscut. and he weighs (puppy) 4 or 5 lbs. big dog huh?

i ended up calling down to talk to them because today is my moms birthday. moms birthday. and both of the men in her life… well, im 1700 miles away…..

God i miss her.

well. its almost midnite. and no matter how hard i try… i cant stop time.
this life i think im living will continue on. with, or without me. its a comforting thought. to know that life goes on. but it also tells you that life will run you over.

ok. so enough of my depressed, exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained mindless meanderings…

im off to dream land…or somethin

until this life i think im living brings me chapter 4 –