on a side note.. a friend of mine was moving out of her apartment last week and found something she’d lost a while ago.
about a year ago she had 3 pet newts… two of them escaped. never to be seen again.

until last week, when the mumified body of one of the newts was discovered imbeded in a blanket in her closet.

yeah…fun thought to sleep with.

oh yeah. this life i think im living still sucks sometimes. im begining to wonder why i continue on this road of truth.

am i cynical tonite? yeah. am im sarcastic? yup. bitter? that too.

do i care? yeah….

im lost and confused.

im twenty two years old…
and all i see – it could never make me happy
and all my sandcastles spend their time collapsing
let me know youre near me. let me know your touch.
let me know that you love me and let that be enough