Only once I heard my pastor’s words did I realize that this place of awareness was exactly where God wanted me. God wanted me to feel helpless in what I could do. He wanted me to feel completely out of control of all the events I thought I was controlling. When God got me to that place, that is when I felt complete peace in what was happening.

my thoughts for the mid-way point of this morning. copied from

our mistakes, though many in number.. will be washed whiter than snow. and peace comes when we choose to trust, and let go.


grace and peace. my hearts cry for this day.

and get this – in case you couldnt tell… my heart is much more at rest than it was earlier this morning… and last nite.

i may not be in control… and i may not like it. But i know the One who is. and im trying to be more like Him.

this life i live will never be perfect. but i hope and pray that through it all, His light will shine. for you see, without Him i am nothing. but with Him…. i have all things.

im learning more about it each day.