its amazing isnt it. as i sit here, i am literally staring directly at the keyboard. watching as my fingers put together something that i hope has at least one thread of cohesive thought.

26 simple letters.

its all were ever given in this life.

our greatest accomplishments… our worst failures…

all will be conveyed, shared, remembered, and forgotten using naught but these 26 simple letters.

so maybe as i sit here and watch my fingers… maybe im allowing myself to learn something.

maybe this season isnt so much about each individual aspect. maybe its not specifically the Christmas cookies, or caroling, or eggnog or presents under a sparkling, colorful tree… its not giving, receiving or any of the other things we do that make this season so special…

its not one specific thing. the spirit of Christmas doesnt reside in cookies, or presents or eggnog… the spirit of Christmas is in each of us. and to the extent we allow ourselves to love, and be loved… is the extent at which we see the spirit of Christmas.

as of right now, 9 days, 55 minutes is all we have till Christmas.

and all we have to communicate our love to those lucky enough to receive it, is 26 simple letters.

my prayer for tonite?

simply this.

that i make the most of both