the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

its funny how the foundation of what we christians base our very existence upon was compared to one of the smallest seeds known to man. the mustard seed. i mean, why not corn? corn is useful. plentiful. used to feed millions…. why mustard?

why not potatoes? i mean – come on… they’re huge!

and honestly, this could be a very serious arguement. why did Christ compare our belief in Him, eternity, and the very core of truth; to a mustard seed?

i dont even LIKE mustard!?

ok, im ranting. and by now you’ve probably realized there is a reason behind my thoughts tonite. there is. and my exageration of this thought process is to simply bring clarity to what i was told today.

how many of us have had a seedless orange? or that new veggie – the cross between asparagus and broccoli – aspiration? there are quite a number of hybrid, or cross pollinated, plants, veggies and fruits available today…

my point in saying this? from what i was told today, mustard is one of the few plants that will not grow if one attempts to cross pollinate.

mustard must be pure to grow.

interesting huh?

im beginning to see that as truth in my life. my faith, must come from a pure heart to grow.

victory comes to those who obtain the unobtainable simply because they believed the unbelieveable…

they had faith as a mustard seed…

and because of it, they moved mountains.