a few nites ago, saturday maybe? im not sure exactly. but either way, im pretty sure you noticed the stress i was feeling more acutely than what you’d typically see. probably cuz i wasnt handling it well.

i met dad while leaving work. he works right across the street from me, and being that he knows my schedule – i see him pretty regularly. everything was going fine until he hit me with:
“i tried to call the house today…. the phone number said out of order. is everything ok?”

yeah, thats right – mom still hasnt told dad we moved.

how was i supposed to answer that? i didnt. i was speechless. i just kinda said “uhuh”. thankfully, he got the cue and changed the subject… but still. what the heck was i to do?

and to top it off…. my mom chose to list the new number in the phone book under her grandmothers maiden name…
that isnt neccesarily a “bad” thing. its just hard to see things from both sides sometimes.

an excerpt from an email i wrote earlier this evening.

btw, i moved.

and ill end tonite with this:

Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feels like itís time, to dream again
I hear your voice, and yes Iím ready
To dance upon this barren land
Hope in my hands