silence is both beautiful and breathtaking; and terrible and controlling.

its in the moments of silence that we are forced to listen to the things we try to hard to cover. its those monets we are made to sit down and look ourselves. its in those moments of silence we realize who we are. we realize our dreams… or realize where we lost them.

we realize who our friends are, and we realize those who may not fit into that mold anymore. we see the roads we need to walk, and we see who may walk with us, and who wont.

and if we’re brave… we welcome the silence. if we are willing to tear our eyes from the gloss and glitter we frantically attempt to distract ourselves with, and seriously look at what stares us in the face, we see the things we didnt want to see. we see whats real. whats true. whats here, now and whats not.

we hurt. we cry. we question. for some of us, we know this road. we’ve walked it before. we know the pain that it will bring. we know that this path brings fire and we know that fire burns. we bear the scars of having walked similar roads before. they are our battle wounds. and for most of us, we are fiercly proud of having lived through the hell that was that road. we may not look towards the next step on that road with happieness, but there is a joy in the pain.

as enraptured in the pain as we may be, we know that these moments, these times of silence, are always orchestrated by the master conductor. and no matter the pain we feel now, our tears will blend together into the beautiful symphony that is going to be our lives.

we welcome the silence. because in silence we change. we become less of who we are and more of who we want to be.