its hardest to truly live when we most need to do just that. times to truly live never present themselves as easy situations. they’re the times that cost us emotionally. they wound us, berate us, belittle us. those are the times that scream for us to grasp, cleave to life and not let go.

so often though, its nearly impossible for us to hear ourselves think above the din of all that consumes us. much less hear the scream, the utter cry from within, for us to truly live.

life is like blogging. or writing anything for that matter. i find it hardest to write when i really want to say something. when something is eating me alive and i need to get it onto paper… those are the times when my fingers stand idle. my thoughts, a jumbled mess of confusion and my dreams of anything cohesive, well.. they’re just that – dreams.

in the midst of the whirlwind of chaos, confusion and dreams of cohesiveness lie the pieces of life. life very rarely is handed to us complete. most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, are wondering, wandering and stumbling across this land finding pieces that are slowly fitting together. they’re beginning to take shape. something is emerging. in the middle of this chaos, we pickup the pieces of our hearts, realize we’re leaving our fears behind, and we find out who we truly are.

in the midst of the whirlwind, we find life.