im laughing. and its good. it really is.

im talking with people ive not talked to in way to long. and we’re making new memories. and remembering old memories.

and im realizing that im doing so much more.

im saying goodbye. to old friends. goodbye to past hurts. to past “me’s”. to the past. im saying goodbye to all thats held me back, kept me in the mold of who i was.

im talking with people who are letting me be me. people who are letting me change. become who more of who i want to be. and less of who i am. people who dont mind that i dont have all the answers, that im a failure in so many ways. that i clueless as to how to become who i want to be.

im laughing. im making friends. and rekindling old ones.

thank God for foundations. for new beginnings.

for a hope.