thats the only thought in my head this evening. and its a fitting thought to end today. because it describes the past few weeks.

i could go into details. i could tell you about how i watched 60 people i considered close friends lose their jobs. how i started my new job. how i saw my sister for the first time in 11 months. and how i said goodbye to her. how i found out two very close friends of mine had been raped.

but i wont. the above? just the titles. no descriptions. no details. just a glimpse into the past few weeks.

some of this has me wondering, crying out… why?

why? that question may never go away. a lot of what has happend will never find its way into the will of any God who calls Himself love. it cannot. for those were acts not commited in any form of love.

part of me wants answers. part of me wants to scream and shout and demand someone pays.

but another part of me, the majority of me. wants to see hope birthed. hope birthed in my friends lives. in their dreams. in their passions and in their love.

i want to see new life, new hope breathed into their very beings.

i want to see healing and freedom and victory over what has happened.

this, this is my hearts cry. freedom. healing. hope.  its why i started  and its why i want you to check it out.  send your stories.  send your words of encouragement, your cries for help, or your stories of hope.

just reach out.  because… because there are people out there.  who want to help you.  who want to offer you hope.  and who want to walk though this with you.

blessed be Your name
on the road marked with suffering
though there is pain in the offering

blessed be Your name

every blessing you pour out
Ill turn back to praise
when the darkness closes in Lord
still I will say

blessed be the name of the Lord
blessed be Your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
blessed be Your glorious name


you give and take away
You give and take away
my heart will chose to say
Lord, blessed be your name