i’ve been reading through the old testament for the past few weeks. and something struck me. stories. the entire old testament is made up of stories. stories of mankind’s attempts, and failures. stories of desperation, of loss, of survival. stories that always, always had an undercurrent.


david, moses, joseph, miriam, joshua… the list goes on. hope.

God is in love with stories. with communicating to us the value of living your life. of not giving up. of being sold out. of never looking back. of singing your song, dancing your dance, writing your book… stories of living your life.

imagine if david simply gave up and ran when the bear charged him. the book of psalms would never have been written. or what would have happened if joseph would have quit when he was sold as a slave? where would the nation of Israel be?

hope. hope in times of desperation.

when it comes to My people, stories of survival, stories of victory, stories of deliverance are the fuel that keeps them going. this is the answer, when they question their own ability to take the next step. these stories are the answer..

with My people, there will always be stories. stories that bring hope. stories that bring vision. stories that open our eyes to what is possible, and help us see beyond the world that simply is.

with My people, hardships will always exist, tears will fall. brokenness will always have a place… but victory will follow. joy will come.

stories will be the air they breathe. so record your story. record your hope. share your hope.

share hope.

with My people, there will always be stories. but beyond that, when the stories fade… there will always be hope.

choose to keep walking. choose to keep fighting. choose to be who you were destined to be.

because you need to live out your story. you need to see the hope in store. you need to see the final chapter in the book of you.

so live your life. write your book. because someone is dying to read it.