we’re 14 days into the new year.

the past two weeks have flown by.  2 weeks.  1/26th of this year.  gone.

how have i changed?  what have i learned?  am i better at this point than i was 1 year ago today, 14 days into 2008?  i hope so.

i hope ive become more dependent on Him.  more aware of his authorship of this story, and of my role in it.  i hope i know more so now, than i did last year, that the depravity i see in the world would exist in me if it wasnt for Him, for grace.

i hope i’m a better person.

all i know, is that tomorrow will come.  there isnt anything i can do to turn back the clock.  and whether i spent 2008 bettering the world, and hopefully myself -or- whether i wasted it, i cannot change it.  it’s gone.

history, and now part of my story.

ive thought a lot about developing a list of resolutions, things id like to see changed in my life.  but in all reality, i think my goal for 2009 needs to be His grace.  to find my meaning in His name.  to hang on for all i am to His dreams for my life, to what He says.  and to remember grace.

because grace is the reason i woke up on January 1, 2009.  it’s the reason i’m here.  and if you’re honest, its the reason you’re here.

who knows, maybe this bi-weekly commentary/review of my life will continue throughout 2009 in lieu of a list of resolutions…. but for now, i think the best thing i can do this year….

is to remember grace