there is something that brings both relief and rest in letting go.  in coming to the conclusion that you cannot change what you want to see changed.  that as much as we strive for and try to seem in control, as hard as we work to keep up the front of everything being ‘ok’, we are just as much in need of rescue as the next person.

maybe it’s something you’re dealing with internally like a challenge or hurt or personality trait that you cannot overcome on your own.  maybe its something external; a situation or problem you’re facing at work, or with a friend or family member.

whatever it is, i’m slowly learning that we dont truly understand the power of this thing called grace until we finally let go.  and we verbalize what’s going on.  we tell someone we trust, we’re honest about it, and suddenly, it loses some of its power.  because someone else knows.  someone else, with a different perspective, who will be there, and pray for us.  and point us to the One who promised to never leave us.

so maybe thats where i find myself tonight.  no, let me correct that.  that is where i find myself tonight.  i am dealing with internal hurts and personality traits i cannot overcome.  and im dealing with a challenge at work that honestly has me concerned.  i know, we dont like to admit when something makes us nervous.  but this does.  this makes me nervous.

we all need these reminders.  reminders of things bigger than me.  reminders of the calling placed on our lives for a life bigger than me. we all need to be reminded that this isnt the end.  that one situation, one challenge doesnt end our story.  we all need to be reminded that grace exists.  we all need to be reminded that the great chasm we sense at times, has already been bridged.  we all need to be reminded that we werent made to worry, that we were given this life to live to point to the One who gives life.

we all need to be reminded that on the roads we walk, we all need grace.  that no matter how much we have it together, we all need mercy and kindness and love.

so this is me, being honest about where im at.  that im stuck and that im in need of resuce.

this is me,  doing my best, and asking for help in letting go.

You alone can rescue
You alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us
lead us out of death
to You alone belongs the highest praise

Matt Redman – You Alone Can Rescue