i’ve read the story of david more often than any i’ve read about any other character in the bible.  there is something about his life, about the way he lived, the pain and trials he endured, that i hold close to my heart.

there is something about his failures and victories that i see in myself.  there is something in the cry of that heart of his that echoes in the depths of my own.  there is something beautiful inside those stories, stories of temptation, heartache, betrayal, struggle, triumph, and defeat that ring with the sound of grace.

there is something alive inside of those stories.  of the boy who would be king.  stories that reflect our own lives.  stories that prove that life is more than we currently see.  stories that show that herding sheep on the side of a mountain for weeks and months at a time, isn’t menial.  stories that prove that even our worst days have purpose.   that what we’re going through right now is preparing us for what the Author has for us next.

woven inside the stories of davids life is purpose, passion, destiny.  we see that now because we see the end from the beginning.  we see that because we see the end result.  we dont hear the heartache of  the lost dreams.  we dont see the tears that fell or hear the songs that were uttered out of a broken heart.  we dont see the boy/king who’s only friends were the stars, sheep and smooth pebbles.

we dont hear the heartache, but it was there.

we see a boy/king who grew up knowing he was destined for something great.  who grew up the smallest, and least important.  we see a boy/king who was relegated to the lowliest of positions.  who had his dreams brought from the recesses of his heart to the cusp of reality, and then snatched away again.

we see a young man who in a matter of months went from the lowest of jobs, to serving the king and back again.  what we dont know, what we dont see; is what went on in his heart during that time.

we all want to see our dreams come true, we all have hopes and passions we hold close to ourselves.  things we care for so deeply that we fear to whisper them, as if letting them be heard will somehow cheapen the value we kn0w they have.  we all have dreams that we hold so tightly, that even our closest friends may not know about them.

we dont know much about what david went through during those dark days.  but we do know, it wasnt his end.  it wasnt the final pages, of the final chapter of his story.  it may have felt like it, but it wasnt.  there was a purpose for what he was going through.  there was a softening of his heart that needed to happen.  there were things inside ofdavid that only come to the surface when the heat was unbearably hot.

im learning that its in the times when dreams almost come true, that we find out what we’re really made of.  its in the times when those dreams were so close we almost allowed ourselves the courage it would take to hope, that the real us begins to come out..  its in those times when our dreams, once so hidden and mysterious, are brought to the very cusp of reality and then shattered, that we learn what makes us tick.  that we learn what really drives us.

that we learn what is in our hearts.  and we learn, that it truly is something beautiful.

Needtobreathe – Something Beautiful

hey now, this is my desire
consume me like a fire
coz i just want
something beautiful to touch me
i know i am in reach
coz i am down on my knees
waiting for
something beautiful