i’m not usually one for writing an end of year wrap up or typing out a list of resolutions for the year about to dawn.  but this is different.  this year has been different.  and as the chapter of life labeled 2010 readies itself to be written, tonight is just… different.

i dont know if i could put my finger on one reason, on one specific moment this year that is causing this.  maybe its the fact that this new year means more than just another year.  the world simultaneously enters a new year and a new decade, and on saturday i turn 30.

maybe its those things, but i dont think so.

i think this is based on the fact that im not who i was in 2008, and tomorrow, i wont be who i was in 2009.

2009.  a year of change, shock, challenge, pain.  new hello’s, and what will probably be last goodbyes.  victories and failures.  grace and mercy.  beauty and life.  and so much of all of those came in one week this december.

part of me hurts to see this chapter of my life close.  part of me is looking back at my 20’s wondering what happened.  wondering how on earth i ended up where i am right now.

but part of me is reminded of something else.  part of me is remembering two very dear friends of mine who after each living their own stories of heartbreak and single parenthood, found each other.  and how earlier this year, a beautiful blended family was created.

love. overcame. all.

and that gives me hope.

why?  because it shows, proves to me that love is out there.  that life exists on the other side of 29.  that even in the darkest moments and loneliest nights, God isnt done.  that He can be trusted, even when we dont understand.  and it reminds me that there are people out there worth fighting for.  that endless beauty exists.  and that when you find someone worth fighting for, you fight for them with all you have.

2010, the year of trying new things.  of taking risks.  of giving out chainsaws and never looking back.  the year, the year that….

love. overcomes. all.