as much as i’m beginning to understand that living life means fighting for what is worth living for, i’m also beginning to understand that my fight, my battle wont always be an epic.  it wont always remind you of the Lord of the Rings, Gladiator or 300.  sometimes the battle will take place in the quiet.

in the determination to simply not quit.

sometimes the battle isnt something we’re actually doing.  sometimes it’s just the quiet determination to not give up.  to not give in.  and sometimes, our battle is simply realizing we cant.  that whatever change needs to happen, whatever miracle is needed in ones life, that we are incapable.

there is beauty in that.  in realizing that whatever it is we’re facing is beyond our ability to defeat.  to know and understand, and accept, that we’ve done all we can.  that all we can do is wait.  wait on the Great Warrior to meet us where we are, to give us direction, strength, hope.

there is beauty when you realize you’re at the end of you, that you cannot do more.

there is beauty in finding the end of yourself.

Delirious – Find Me In The River

we didnt count on suffering
we didnt count on pain
but if the blessing’s in the valley
then in the river i will wait

find me in the river
find me there
find me on my knees with my soul laid bare
even though you’re gone and i’m cracked and dry
find me in the river
i’m waiting here