sometimes i wonder if are allowed stages in our life where we are overwhelmed, when the only thing we can do is cope, to bring us to the place where we begin to understand how much bigger life can be.  maybe we need to be shown how small our view of life is, before it can be broken and remade into something that allows us to experience how awe-filled this life is.  and maybe the more we allow our views of life to be shaken, the bigger they become.

it has been said that there is no breath sweeter than the first gasping breath of a drowning man.  that the air we all take for granted, tasted different, somehow better, to someone who has nearly drowned.

maybe, in a way, we need to have our views of life, our boxes if you will, taken apart piece by piece before we realize how amazing what we have, truly is.

i was out to dinner a few nights ago.  a bunch of coworkers and i.  and in walked this very attractive young lady.  if that had been all i noticed, then it would have been a testament to my vision and to how small it is.  i’ll be honest, her physical beauty was the first thing i noticed.  but it wasnt the last.

she was in pain.  it was evident.  it may not have been physical scars, but she was in pain.  her eyes told more than her words.  and in her own way, spoken through the way she was dressed, she was asking for more attention than she would know what to do with.  her view of the world was broken, and she was looking to the world to fill the cracks.

i felt ashamed.  that i hadnt seen that first.

and i felt her pain.

and i whispered a prayer.

that she would be found.  that true Men, men with the Fathers heart would surround her, and protect her, and help to slowly dismantle her world view.  i prayed that friends would envelope her, and love her, and remind her of her value.  and most of all, i prayed that her window would be repaired.  that her vision would be restored.  that those first glimpses of life would be the breath of life to a drowning man.  that she’d see the beauty created within her.  and that she’d come to the place where she knew, that this beauty, never changes.

and to be honest, i prayed the same.  for me.

Fernando Ortega – Be Thou My Vision

high King of heaven
my victory won
may i reach heaven’s joys
oh bright Heavens Sun
heart of my own heart
whatever befalls
still be my vision
oh Ruler of all