i keep coming back to this song.  to how much my heart aches to be written, fully, into the story being told around me.

i get so frustrated throughout the day by the very things that, in an eternal perspective, will never matter.  things that carry very little weight, that hold no long-term value or purpose.

and although i started this post a few weeks ago, i’m wondering if it’s turning into an answer to yesterdays post.

because i know, down deep, that belief isnt enough.  i know, i think we all know at some level that sometimes there are no shortcuts. sometimes the mountain is there not to be moved, or for us to go around, but for us to learn to climb. sometimes we must go through the storm simply because some lessons cannot be learned any other way.

it’s those times, we learn what trust really is.

and its in those times, that our stories are written.  stories worth reading.  stories worth retelling.  stories worthy of the calling that has never left our lives.

One Sonic Society – Burn